HH Pool Annual Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 4, 2023, 11:00 am start

Zoom / Virtual Meeting


In attendance: Laura Kistler (Chair), Rebecca Bostick, Melissa Edmiston, Jocelyn Ballantine, Ashley Lombardi, Sam Alberts, Adrienne Barge, Peter Kinzler, Barbara Liggett, Kevin Roberts, Larry and Jolande Goldberg


Call Meeting to Order – Laura Kistler called the meeting to order.

Agenda Items:

Review of the 2022 annual meeting minutes

The 2022 meeting notes were shared as a link via Zoom for all participants to review.

There were no questions about the minutes from the 2022 annual meeting, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Review and approval of the 2023-2024 Board of Directors

Laura announced the proposed roster for the board of directors board members and the members that are continuing from 2022. 

2022 Slate of Officers

Vice Chair – Melissa Edmiston

Social Director -Collin Davenport

Treasurer – Jocelyn Ballentine

Landscaping Chair – Ashley Lombardi

Continuing Elected Board Members:

Chair – Laura Kistler

Recording Secretary- Sam Alberts

Membership Director – Adrienne Barge

Maintenance Director – Rebecca Bostick

Member-at-Large – Peter Kinzler


Jocelyn (4th term), noted her position as Treasury may be replaced this year.

The proposed slate of board directors for the 2023-2024 was approved unanimously. 

Review of the 2022-2023 Budget

Laura reported.  2022 was a successful summer.  Financial and membership numbers right are where they need to be.  Social events were successful.  Maintenance continued but no huge expenditures last year. 

Mount Vernon Pool (MVP) will continue with maintenance contract . 
Costs have increased (Gov’t report: inflation 8-9%). 

Dues will need to increase due to price increases. This is the first dues increase in many years.  

Jocelyn report on budget.  

Shows budget on screen and walked through budget in detail.  

Price increase about 10%, but no increase to seniors.

Membership households: 281 in 2022 and projected to remain the same for 2023.

$180,000 currently in the bank, but anticipated large maintenance expected so this amount will be impacted.

Maintenance fee expected to increase by $10,000; cleaner fee will increase by $2,000 due to inflation and more work.  Landscaper fee will increase. Utility costs expected to increase due to inflation. 

2023 Maintenance will include new rolling door, new window cover for the lifeguard station and new water main (discussed in more detail below)  

Insurance cost down due to sharing with pickle ball (reduction by $8k).

Ms. Goldberg asked two questions

Q1: Can bathrooms can be better cleaned?

A1.  Laura discussed cleaning person and lifeguards clean but will double focus on it.  Hot water fixed.  Issue for women’s drainage.

Q2.  Will there be early swimming?  

A1.  Laura confirmed there will be.  (There was much rejoicing).

Budget:  vote fir, seconded and adopted without decent.


Rebecca reported.

Water line needs replacing.  Existing water line is 60-70 years old.  

Life guard wood window cover will replaced with aluminum

$80k-90k repair. 

Volunteer days will be scheduled for spring. 



Ashley report 

Oscar clean up leaves (needs to properly bag and dispose) and cut back thorny bushes.

Food trucks.  Some successful.  Hollin Meadows does them and maybe we can pair with their days.   Pickleball will increase usage of parking lot.  Rebecca indicated she will interface with pickleball court users and that pickle ball will be closed when there are major swim meets.



Adrienne.  Currently 281 members.  18 offers to new members. 228 families on wait list.

  1. External families to Hollin Hills.?  
  2. Will review but hard to sort.  However, HH automatically are allowed to join automatically.

Laura believes: 35-40% of members are within HH. 


Melissa gives Collin’s social report. 

Good 2022.  Events included

  • Popsicles
  • Brat Night
  • Adult night
  • Movie night
  • Olympics

2023 proposed events

  •       Sunday, June 18: Kids Olympics (Happy Fathers’ Day: your kids will be occupied for 3 hrs)
  •       Saturday, July 15: Adult Night (hope to bring back live music)
  •       Saturday, August 5: Brat Night
  •       Yoga, weekly, throughout the summer (welcome feedback on best times)
  •       Popsicles: Opening Weekend and throughout the summer
  •       Movie Nights (based on volunteers)
  •       Coffee and Morning Swims (based on interest and volunteers)
  •       Ideas and volunteers for additional events are welcome!


List of volunteers

Collin will provide the following names of persons who wish to assist in social activities:

2022’s list  below

Justin Kaspar

Yovi Medic

Travis Minyon

Ryan McMaster

Blair Davenport

Meghan Smith

Jeremiah Huth 

Joanna Bouboulis

George Bouboulis]


Final Remarks

Laura final remarks.  

Reminder: Opening is Memorial weekend.


Meeting adjourned: 11:45