Hollin Hills Pool Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is responsible for managing member communications (eg. newsletters), pool rules and notices, and ad hoc tasks that arise throughout the year.  It’s a great Board position for anyone with a bit of management or communications expertise who wants to learn a little bit about everything.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Leading committees to select new Board members and vendors (as needed);
  • Using MailChimp to send out member newsletters and communications/notifications;
  • Managing the pool social media accounts;
  • Maintaining information on pool bulletin boards, including publication and printing of any pool notices;
  • Leading the annual review of the pool rules;
  • Managing pavilion rentals; and
  • Assisting with other activities and ad hoc responsibilities as needed (eg. ordering fundraising items, helping advertise and create sign-ups for social activities).
  • Assist the Pool Chair with coordination with the contracted pool management company and lifeguards/staff; and
  • Assist the Pool Chair with coordination with the Hollin Hills Civic Association.