Hollin Hills Pool

Summer 2020 Operating and Safety Procedures

Phase 3 Procedures

Following the principles set out by the Forward Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines, the following changes have been made to the Phase 2 procedures:

  • Free swim is allowed.
  • Members of the same household may be within 10 feet of each other; members of different households must continue to remain 10 feet apart in the water and on the deck.
  • The baby pool is now open with a limit of 2 families at a time.
  • A small number of tables will be available in the eating areas.

All other processes, including the 38-person limit, social distancing, reservations, masks, COVID-19 screening questions, and bring your own chairs, remain in effect as described below under Phase 2 Procedures.

Phase 2 Procedures

Following the principles set out by the Forward Virginia Phase 2 Guidelines, Executive Order 65, and the Virginia Department of Health, the Hollin Hills Pool will enact the following mandatory procedures to operate under Phase 2. All Hollin Hills Pool members must follow these rules. Pool members who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave the pool, as penalties include a Class 1 misdemeanor and closure of the pool facility.


  • Regarding COVID-19 exposure, members should not use any facilities at the Hollin Hills Pool if they have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID‐19, or have been in contact with someone with COVID‐19 in the prior two weeks.
  • All patrons must sign a liability waiver acknowledging these new procedures and the risks of coming to the Hollin Hills Pool before they are allowed into the facility. This waiver can be found on our website upon login.
  • We are limited to 38 members/patrons at the pool facility, not including lifeguards. We will enact a sign-up/scheduling system to control capacity and allow fair use of the pool to the best of our ability.
  • The social distance spacing requirement for pools is 10 feet (not 6 feet), both in the water and on the deck.
  • We can have three swimmers per lane at any one time.
  • We will clean the pool per CDC best-practices.
  • Households are defined as individuals who live together in the same space. Households who regularly socialize with other families outside of the pool will not be exempt from this requirement per Virginia Health Department guidelines.
  • Guests are currently not allowed at the pool.
  • All other typical rules of the pool apply (refer to the sign on the bathhouse).


  • Pools are open for: lap swimming, diving, instruction, and exercise only. Exercise is defined by the Virginia Health Department as continual movement through the water with some structure.
  • Free swim and recreational swim is prohibited during Phase 2 by the Virginia Health Department and the Governor.
  • We will make use of all lanes in the pool, including the shallow area by the pool stairs and small slide.
  • No more than three swimmers are permitted in each lane at any one time, per the Virginia Health Department. We will count the shallow area by the entry stairs as a lane to maximize use of pool space.
  • Swimmers in a lane must remain 10 feet apart from one another, even if they are of the same household per the Virginia Health Department.
  • Exception: parents must stay at least at arms’ length of children who are learning to swim and not yet independent swimmers.
  • It is acceptable for swimmers to be closer than 10 feet when passing by one another either in the same lane or in an adjacent lane.
  • Patrons may bring their own swimming implements such as kickboards, noodles, fins, and buoys, as long as they can be disinfected at home between uses (e.g., non-porous surfaces).
  • No pool toys are allowed.


  • No deck chairs, eating chairs, or tables will be out for use.
  • Patrons may bring their own deck chairs.
  • People of different households must remain 10 feet apart on deck.
  • We encourage patrons to wear masks while on deck when possible.
  • There will be no lost and found – all items left overnight will be discarded.
  • The deck surrounding lifeguard chairs will be marked with a perimeter to allow for a 10 feet interval between the lifeguard in the chair and people on the deck (including vertical distance) so that guards do not have to wear masks while in the chair.
  • The deck will be marked to indicate from which end of each lane swimmers may enter the pool, i.e., lanes 1, 3, 5, and the shallow area by the stairs will enter on the bathhouse end, lanes 2, 4, and 6 will enter on the clubhouse end.


  • The Hollin Hills Pool board is responsible for supplying disinfectant, wipes, and other cleaning supplies that are approved for use in fighting COVID-19 by the EPA.
  • AquaSafe, our contracted pool management company, is responsible for supplying PPE for their staff (gloves, masks), but the pool will strive to have extras on-hand.
  • Bathrooms and high touch areas will be cleaned every two hours by lifeguards/staff, per CDC guidelines.
  • Areas on the deck that were occupied by households will be “washed” with buckets of chlorinated water between uses.
  • AquaSafe is responsible for establishing and following cleaning procedures in the office, and of the computer in the office.


  • All patrons must sign a liability waiver acknowledging the risks of coming to the Hollin Hills Pool before they are allowed into the facility. This waiver can be found on our website upon login.
  • Patrons must arrive at their designated time per their reservation, and no earlier.
  • All patrons must sign in with the lifeguard at the desk before entering using our standard touchless system. It is the responsibility of patrons to sign in every time they use the pool.
  • Patrons will be asked if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms (checklist will be displayed), and by being signed in, agree that they do not show any symptoms. If patrons exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be permitted to enter the pool grounds.
  • Patrons must wear masks when entering the pool. Once on the pool deck, members are encouraged but not required to wear masks.
  • Households, defined as individuals who live together in the same space, must remain 6 feet apart at the entry area.
  • Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front desk as the point of entry/exit.
  • Patrons will enter the pool via the walkway around the side of the bathhouse near the pavilion and not through bathrooms.


  • Bathrooms are intended for emergency use only.
  • Bathroom doors will be closed on the entry-side, and open on the deck-side.
  • In the case of emergency, only one person or family may enter the bathroom at a time.
  • Pool will supply soap and paper towels for hand-washing, and will strive to provide hand sanitizer in bathrooms. It is strongly suggested that patrons bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • Swimmers must arrive in bathing suits/bathing attire. Changing is not permitted in the bathrooms.
  • Swim diapers must be placed on children before entering the pool facility.
  • Diapers in general must be changed in the bathroom on the changing table (emergencies) or outside of the pool facility (e.g., in your car if possible). Diapers may never be changed on the pool deck under any circumstance.


  • Playground/pavilion/grill/picnic area
  • Baby pool
  • Clubhouse


  • Patrons must leave at their designated time per their reservation, to allow AquaSafe staff sufficient time to clean per the CDC best practices.
  • Patrons must exit via the walkway to the pavilion side of the bathhouse and not through the bathrooms.
  • Patrons must wear masks when exiting the facility.


  • The CDC and Virginia Health Department expressly state that lifeguards are not permitted to enforce rules that are specific to preventing the spread of COVID-19 (e.g., 10-foot distance, activity restrictions). Therefore, the primary responsibility for enforcing these procedures will be all pool members. We must self-police in order for this system to work.
  • Lifeguards will blow the whistle if members are in serious breach of safety rules.
  • Managers will contact board members if patrons do not respond to the lifeguards.
  • Members will be asked and required to leave the pool for not following rules.
  • The board reserves the right to place further restrictions on any/all members if guidelines are not followed.