Thank you for your interest in reserving space for a party at the Hollin Hills Pool. We welcome you to use the space with the following guidelines:

Available dates and times:

  • Most weekdays, 9:30 am-12:30 pm or 1-4 pm, and
  • Some Saturday and Sunday mornings are available, depending upon other activities planned at the pool

Times the pavilion is NOT available for private events:

  • swim meet days,
  • weekend afternoons,
  • weekend evenings.
  • Federal holidays, and
  • days when events are offered at the pool (please check the calendar)

Please Note:
The time reserved includes your set-up and clean-up time. Plan accordingly.

More weekend times may be available as the pool social calendar is completed, so check back frequently.

Fee schedule:

  • $100
  • The space must be cleaned up and returned to the condition you found it or better and you must have signed in and out with the front desk or $50 fee will be assessed.
  • Payment is required at time of booking.
  • The reservation is only for the designated times. The times include party set up and post-party clean up.

Use of the space:

  • No more than 25 people.
  • All guests must be members of the pool or use a guest pass and must be checked in at the pool gate.
  • 20 guest passes are included with the pavilion rental.
  • An appropriate number of adults must be present to supervise children and must use a portion of the 20 guest passes.
  • Party guests must follow all pool rules. Click here for rules.
  • All guests are expected to leave the pool and premises at the end of the two hour period.
  • Non-swimmer children must be supervised at all times and within an arm’s reach of a responsible adult while in the pool.
  • Guest children must pass the swimming test to enter the pool. Contact a guard to do this. It’s actually fun for the kids and they get a Hollin Hills wrist band.

Food & Drink:

  • Alcohol is permitted, but must remain at the tables in accordance with Fairfax County laws.
  • No glass. Kegs or beer and wine in bottles are not permitted.
  • Parties have access to, though not exclusive use of, the refrigerator and grills at the pavilion.
  • Food/drinks/eating must remain at the pavilion.
  • Absolutely no drinks (even water) in the pool. No drinks other than water on the pool deck.
  • Individuals drinking should not swim. Guards or Board members may remove any host or guest not competent to be in or around the pool.


  • Pick up all trash, sweep floor, and hose off tables, chairs, and ground in all areas used. The pool staff do not clean up after your party. If you need more trash bags, ask the office staff.
  • Take trash out to large trash cans behind the fence next to the pavilion.
  • Place new trash bags in trash cans in the eating areas.

To schedule: