Emergency Routes: Keep open and free from obstacles, including chairs or loungers. Emergency routes are areas around pool stairs and ladders, gates on Paul Spring Road side of pool and gates adjacent to grills in pavilion area.

Keeping these emergency pathways open is essential for the manager and guards to respond quickly to medical and other emergencies.

Bodily Discharge: Evidence of vomit, body waste or other health events will result in evacuation of the pool and closure for along as 9 hours to raise the chlorine levels to 20 ppm to ensure the event is contained and neutralized.  The 20 ppm is necessary because viruses and bacteria are resistant to standard levels of chlorine.

If the discharge event happens after 11 am, the pool will be closed for the day. The playground and pavilion area will remain open.

Inclement Weather: In the event of thunder, members must leave the water and the pool deck for thirty minutes after thunder was last heard and until the guard signals it is safe to re-enter. The playground and pavilion area may be closed for inclement weather if lightning and thunder persist.